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How to Check a Contractor’s License in Massachusetts and Why You Should

Find out how to check a contractor’s license in the state of Massachusetts and why you should hire a pro whose license is current and in good standing.

How to Check a Contractor’s License in MA

How to Check for a Construction Supervisor License (CSL)

You can read here when a Construction Supervisor License is required.
Then, follow the 4 steps below to check if your contractor is licensed in Massachusetts with a CSL:
Go to and fill out 4 fields:

  1. For Profession: choose Building Licenses
  2. For License Type: choose Construction Supervisor
  3. License Status: choose Active
  4. For Last Name: Type the last name of the contractor

How to Check for a Home Improvement Contractor (HIC) License

You can read here when a Home Improvement Contractor license is needed.
To check if your contractor is licensed as a Home Improvement Contractor, go to Then, fill in the company name or the contractor’s first and last name and address.

Why Contractor Licensing in Massachusetts is Important

A Contractor’s License is Public Record

You’ll want to check a contractor’s license for several reasons. First, they are required by law to be licensed. The state requires this to protect you. It keeps a public record of these licenses and complaints filed against a contractor. This means there is a public track record available for licensed contractors. But unlicensed contractors can fly under the public radar. Without their record showing, you hire them at a greater risk to the quality of your construction or home improvement project.

A Contractor Must be Insured in Order to Be Licensed

In the state of Massachusetts, a contractor must be insured to be licensed. They must be insured for accidents that happen while on your property. But it is always a good idea to ask to see their certificate of insurance, when signing a contract, to make sure it is in effect.

Uninsured Contractor Accidents May Not Be Covered Under Your Insurance

If a contractor working on your property is not insured, you are liable for their accidents and injury. Often, homeowner insurance will not cover contractor accidents and the financial implications for you could be overwhelming. Check your homeowner’s insurance if you are hiring an uninsured contractor!

Do Your Research and Hire a Trustworthy Contractor

Some contractors may not be licensed because they don’t want to pay for the insurance which can be considerable. So, if you get an estimate for work that is much lower than the rest, pay attention to that red flag. There may be a hidden cost in the form of risk.

If you have questions regarding our licenses and insurance at YourWay Construction Management, give us a call at 774-245-3629 and we can provide our credentials.

YourWay Construction Management, LLC is a fully licensed and fully insured contracting company. We have also invested in OSHA training, and we go by the book with permits. Our licensing and insurance provide a greater level of safety in your house and protect your assets if something should go wrong. It also ensures that the investment you are making in your home will be a lasting one, up to the required standards or better.

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